Friday, December 2, 2011

The Stash--January 2012

Here's the stash so far! Honestly, there are a LOT of "duds" in this collection as it stands. There are a few dollar store bottles that just are no good, at least 5 Art Deco (I found a pink and a black after I took the shots) that are only good for nail art and a few that are SUPER old, but still work. Without further ado...the January 2012 collection:
The Reds
The massive collection of pinks
2 Oranges? And one I bought today!
Many, many blues
It may LOOK like a lot of purples--but a few are just no good.
Pretty Duo chromes
ONE brown? And black and a black crackle. I also have a black Art Deco skinny tip.
OoOoOooh, iridescent and flakies.
White and off white. I need more neutrals!

 And there it all is! I really need to get rid of about 10 of them---but it looks like I may need to do some Birthday shopping!

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