Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sponge Mani: Gradient: purple and turqoise (peacock!)

Right to left: Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Eggplant Frost and Caribbean Frost. A gnarly cosmetic sponge.
Have you ever seen those super cool gradient manicures and wondered how they did it? Thanks to YouTube.. I now know! The secret is a cosmetic sponge (or any sponge really)! I applied 2 layers of Wet n' Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost. I waited for mine to dry.. accidentally. I think it would blend better if you did it all in one step, really. Then, I took my Eggplant Frost (I love this color) and Caribeean Frost and tabbed a little of  both on some waxed paper and mixed them with a qtip. I'm sure a toothpick would have been more ideal. Meh. Then I cut off a corner of the sponge--to avoid a line sponged on--and gentle applied the mixed color to 2/3rds of my nail, leaving some of the Caribeean frost in view. Next, I did the same technique, but just plopped some of the Eggplant Frost to the sponge and sponged the tips. Voila! A beautiful peacock gradient is born!
Sure, it could have been blended better, but from a distance, this is a cool mani.
Thanks for stopping by! What colors for a gradient mani would you use?

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