Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pure Ice: French Kiss/Cheatin'/Strapless

From left to right: Pure Ice French Kiss, Cheatin and Strapless

Okay, let's let this party start, already! I'm terribly sorry about it taking so long! I LOVE nail polish and I love blogging--but photography is NOT my strong suit! Feh. Any road, I'll be getting better as we go I'm sure. Bear with me. I actually painted my nails about three days ago, so there are three days of wear on my nails at the moment but I love these colors together! Since I am just now rebuilding my nail polish collection, it contains mainly Pure Ice and Wet and Wild Wild Shine (which both are under $2 a bottle at Walmart or CVS). My goal in this blog is to show some fun techniques and simple (emphasis on the simple!) do it yourself nail art that any one can do with just a few basic, cheap nail polishes.

I totally bought cuticle cream today--time to get that mess cleaned up!

On to how I "did" my nails! I did two layers of Pure Ice French Kiss, which is a beautiful creme blue. I had big plans to use my white nail art pen, but then I remembered my matching Pure Ice Strapless. Strapless totally surprised me! I was ready for spotty-application glitter nail polish--nay nay! It was a nice thick glitter that covered very well! I had a few extra minutes and wanted to add another color, so on went one layer of Pure Ice Cheatin'--a lovely deep purple glitter (MUCH more sparse than Strapless) with hints of blue as well.  One layer of Sally Hansen Ista-dry and I was done! For how hard I am on my hands I'm always happy with Pure Ice's staying power. Hate taking off glitter polish? Soak a cotton ball in Acetone (or just nail polish remover), put the cotton ball on your nail and wrap it in strips of aluminum foil. Let it stay for about 5 minutes and it just comes right off!


  1. Awesome combination... with quite the Desperate Housewives combination of names... =)

  2. I know, right? Love good nail polish names!