Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Fun With Dots

I'm starting a new thing called Pink Wednesday. Every Wednesday (or thereabouts) I'll be posting pink polishes! Where did this come from? Mean Girls. I'm not mean--but from now on, on Wednesdays We Wear Pink!
Fun With Dots, China Glaze Purple Panic (Neon)
This isn't just ANY pink! This is pink of LOVE! One of my lovely friends online sent this to me. I LOVE it. I did a coat of white under it (to avoid any staining) and it went on great. Then I used my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens to add some fun dots. Another friend (RevMo) sent me a black Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen so now I have both white and black! Love love love wearing polishes from friends!
China Glaze Purple Panic (Neon), Sally Hansen in white and black