Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stamping Sunday: Green

Christmas was good to me this year! My brother bought me these fun Mash stamping plates. I've never done stamping before (the most popular brand seems to be Konad, youtube it if you want to know more). I'm also a part of a super cool new group called Adventures in Stamping on Facebook. Every Sunday we have a challenge called Stamping Sunday.  Today's challenge was to stamp with a green color. TRICKY for a girl like me with about 20 polishes! But, here's the finished product, my very first stamp manicure!
Stamping Sunday: green
I didn't have a TRUE green (other than an Art Deco nail polish, which has a tiny brush). I used Wet N' Wild in Caribbean Frost. It's in the green family--ish. At any rate, I did a base coat of Pure Ice Super Star and then 2 coats of Pure Ice Excuse Me (the banana yellow color). Then it was stamping time! I used Mash plate 16. The Mash plates are my first plates ever. I have small nail beds so I thought I would be okay with their smaller all-over images, but they don't cover my nails so I'm on a quest for larger all over images. I thought the star alone was kind of plain so I used my dotting tools and added a few dots. So far, so good with stamping!
Pure Ice Excuse me, Pure Ice Super Star, Wet n wild Caribbean Frost, Mash plate 16 and dotting tol


  1. i think this is great for first time stamping. I can't wait to get my stamping plates!

  2. Thanks very much. I've had the stamping plates for a few weeks now but I've been intimidated by then up until now!

  3. great first time stamping! You should seen mine they were a hotttt mess LOL!!! :)